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The Standards                               

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Who Sets the Standards

for a Home Inspection?



   All Inspections are performed following the mandated Standards of Practice set forth by the State of Texas.

  Both the Home Inspection and the Home Inspector are governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission's rules and regulations, known as The  Standards of Practice. These are the minimum requirements that an inspector must do. Unfortunately many do not even follow these minimums. Many are part time inspectors with a regular 9 to 5 job. Check out the credentials of your inspector. Remember when you were being trained for your profession, you did not learn it over night or just working on weekends. Again and unfortunatly you will not realize until too late that HIS LOW PRICE  WAS NOT REALLY WORTH THE SAVINGS. 


Let Me Help Protect the Largest Investment You'll Ever Make.
  J. J. Hruza, Home Inspections is a Professional Home Inspector located in the Houston Texas area, that is committed to serving YOU, the client. Whether you are a referral from a satisfied customer, a realtor, or someone visiting this web site, the accuracy, detail, and quality of your Home Inspection does not vary. I inspect every home as if it was my own  purchase.  I'll spend one hour inspecting every 500-800 square of home. It's not because I'm slow - It's because there really are that many items in a home that need to be inspected. Also once you're a customer, you're a customer for life. I'll provide consulting and maintenance information for as long as you own your home.
Home Inspectors are not created equally
Neither is the Quality of their Home Inspection Skills and Knowledge!
Before Choosing a Home Inspector,
Ask Yourself the Following Questions;
  • Is your Home Inspector’s experience credible? (Qualifacations)  Does his education and experience warrant your trust with one of the largest investments you will ever make? Or was he just an employee of a home improvement retail store? Or construction worker? Or worse, just a helper on a construction site? Is your Home Inspector a full time inspector? Or does he just inspect part time while he's working his way into the business?
  • Is your Home Inspector capable of defining important issues? Or are false red flags being raised.  An inexperience inspector tends to focus many times on insignificant issues and can mislead a home buyer.
  • Is your Home Inspector capable of helping estimate the probable life of the major components of your new home? This only comes with years of experience.
  • Does your Home Inspector rely solely on real estate agents for business? If he is honest and thorough, his reports will loose the sales agent some deals and consequently the agent. So, generally speaking, his reports are sugar coated, as not to loose his realtors referrals.

Why even get a Home Inspection ?

  •   As a buyer you have visited your new home on the average of one to two times. You have looked it over and decided to submit an offer. However, during your visits the average lady is trying to arrange how and where your furniture will fit in the rooms, and decide which child will be in what room. The men are retrofitting the garage for their work area, checking out how much time the yard will take. And both are thinking how wonderful the new pool will be, or and how lovely and large the new kitchen, family room, bedrooms and bathrooms are.

      In today's market approximately 80% of the homebuyers have discovered the benefits of having a property inspection performed. The information they acquire provides them with the knowledge to make a qualified assessment of their new home. As to continue with the purchase or the negotiation of repairs.


  • the primary purpose of our Home Inspection Service is to educate you, the buyer to make an informed purchasing decision - does the plumbing function properly? -  are there any electrical hazards? - what is the status of the foundation?
  • documentation of the homes condition is the most important tool you have available when making that decision  (view report).
  •  we are very thorough, it takes approximately two hours to thoroughly inspect every 1000 square feet of living space, and another two to three hours preparing a detailed report, even on new homes (view new home Inspection)
  • attend the inspection - ask questions - we want to help educate you as to the typical life expectancies of items in your new home, items to budget for, and how to take care of and maintain the property, this is valuable information which could increase the life and perhaps the future sales price of the property (maintenance).
  • your satisfaction is our primary goal, if you are not totally satisfied with our inspection when it is completed. THERE WILL  NO CHARGE.

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