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Helpful Links
Preferred Vendor in the Houston, Texas Home Inspectors Directory at Inspectionzone.com.  

   Here are some helpful links to sites for information purposes, services and building products.

A C Contractors

Pinnacle A C & Heating, Inc.
Fred Montgomery
B.H. Service Co.
Bill Hepburn

Builders - TRCC - Problems
TRCC friend or Foe?
Homeowners Aginst Deficient Dwellings


This website explains the fire and shock hazards associated with Federal Pacific Electric Stab-lok circuit breakers and service panels.

Article on FPE panels

FPE Panels - Hazard or Hype

U. S.  Consumer Product Safety Commission on FPE Panels

This site addresses Lightning Protection Systems.
This site addresses Aluminum Wiring.


Excellence in Pest Control
Ken and Missy Oser

Flood Plain Maps

Select the County below;
FEMA flood plain maps


This web site will provide you with general information about slab on grade information in the Greater Houston area that is not available elsewhere.
 This web site is to serve as a referral service for the participating foundation repair contractors.  The site does provide a lot of useful information about foundation repair.

Garage Doors

Home Inprovement

Lead and Safety

Lead in drinking water  
Lead Poisoning  


Water Heaters - Problems with Whirlpool Flame lock water heaters.


Here are a some honest Realtors I've had the pleasure of doing business with in the past.


Asphalt Roofing Manufacture's Assoociation
Single Ply Roofing Institite 


This site provides imformation on  siding products and backerboard

The Easiest Way to Keep Septic Tanks in Peak Performance
Septic Systems
Home Buyer's Guide to septic Systems 

U. S. Consmers Product Safety Commision

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