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New Home Inspections            

 New Home Inspections are just as important to have as older homes. Maybe even more so...  Check out these websites - City Inspectors -  The Walls Came Tumbling Down - TRCC Dies -  For the non-believer there's always Texas Home Lemon Law if you decide to do it yourself

Here are some photo's found at new homes  New Home Photos
 We offer the following inspections to insure that your home is constructed properly. 
 The New Home Inspection Process
  1. The Pre-Slab Inspection - Careful attention is given to moisture intrusion, consistency of slab (grading), and placement of steel.
  2. Pre-Drywall (sheetrock) Stage - Many problems can be addressed at this time due to the walls being open and the ease to visually inspect the framing, electrical, plumbing, fireplaces, chimneys and HVAC systems. Repairs at are usually more thorough and effective at this stage.
  3. Final Inspection - This inspection should be done prior to the walk-thru (closing). To allow time for repairs prior to taking possession of the property.
  These inspections can be priced separately or grouped together. Separate inspections fees, based on a 2500 square foot home are:
Pre-Slab $225.00
Framing / pre sheet rock $225.00
Final $275.00
Discounts are available for package / group Inspections

  The Concept is not new:  It's not to say that today’s builders are not capable, but many are trying to make the most money they can on each and every home. This means in many cases the builder is going to get the best or lowest bid he can obtain from subcontractors and suppliers to construct their new homes.  All Builders brag about their quality. The truth is they are only as good as the trades they hire. 


  To the subcontractor this equates to lowering man hours, wages and/or Materials to maintain his profit and overhead.   Foundation Crews. New home foundations with engineered foundation plans available and superintendents on site still have subcontractors leaving out rebar and/or installing them improperly. Forms out of level and/or crooked are another common problem. Cold joints are a problem. Slump tests are rarely done.  Framing Crews. Many of the new home framers do not have the time or experience to properly crown the material. Nor are their leveling tools accurate.   Many times the licensed subcontractor never visits the site, only his helpers are available.  The bottom line is one dollar saved one hundred times is…more money! As I’ve stated the concept is not new. Superintendents: Superintendents in most cases usually have a two year degree with no construction experience. They play a big part in hiring and scheduling the subcontractors. They are the quality control.Results: The new home superintendent relies on the subcontractors to educate him. Example: the plumber removes a section of or over boars a floor joist, funds are held back from the framer, until the framer educates him on the proper procedure.

Too many times construction phases are done out of sequence, creating new problems. Example: a water heater installed before the roof coverings are applied. The water heater gets cough in the rain and prematurely rusts. These types of things go on all the time. Completion date and budget are the primary goals of a superintendent.


Local Building Inspectors:

 In the major municipalities, the city inspectors are qualified to perform their duties, and in most cases do a fine job (with the exceptions noted above) when their schedule permits. However, the reality is that they do not have the time, and they are usually overworked, underpaid, and do not have the time to thoroughly inspect a new home. If an inspector were lucky enough to only inspect 8 sites a day, by he way the norm is somewhere around 22 inspections per day, less office and driving time, how much time can he spend on your home ???? What will be overlooked ????

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